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10 Must-Have Travel Accessories

There are some things you just can’t leave without when you’re going on a trip- big or small. Below are ten key items you should bring along on your next trip.

There are some things you just can’t leave without when you’re going on a trip- big or small. Below are ten key items you should bring along on your next trip.

  1. A camera
    Whether it be your smartphone, a point and shoot, mirrorless, or DSLR- bring a camera! Yes, do be in the moment during your trip, but be in the moment and snap some photographic memories or videos that you can look back and smile on. Don’t forget to bring more than one memory card!
  2. Comfy shoes
    They might look good, but you’re not going to have fun walking around a city in uncomfortable shoes or heels. There are a ton of stylish sneakers these days, or you can opt for a strappy flat sandal that won’t fall off your feet.
  3. Mini Power Bank
    Don’t end up lost in a new city because your phone ran out of battery. Bring along a mini power bank and make sure it is fully charged before your trip, and of course don’t forget to bring its charging accessories for multiple uses.
  4. Headphones
    How long will you have to be cancelling out a screaming child on a flight? Invest in some comfortable and good-quality noise cancelling headphones so you can crank on some tunes and block out little Bobby’s wails.
  5. Dopp Kit/Toiletry Bag
    Have you ever gotten to your hotel and realized you forgot your toothbrush, or some other toiletry? Have a Dopp kit or toiletry bag ready to grab and go, filled with the basics.
  6. Mini Compressed Towels
    Don’t try and eat these- they aren’t mints! Get yourself a pack of mini compressed towels and pop some in your travel bags. They take up almost zero space and are very handy to have on you.
  7. Outlet Adapter
    If you’re going between countries an outlet adapter is a must. Gotta get that phone charge in on your international layover!
  8. City Mapper
    Ok so this isn’t really an accessory…. but it is an app you should have on your phone! City Mapper is a must have for public transportation if you’re exploring a new city. They’ve made it easy to get from point A to point B- with directions on what subway, rail, or bus lines you need to take.
  9. Packing Cubes
    Make packing your bags easy with packing cubes! It might seem dumb to pack things in a cube and then pack the cube… but trust me- it is so helpful. You’ll be able to pack smarter, and keep everything organized.
  10. Packing List
    You might be thinking to yourself, “why do I need to bring a packing list”? The answer to that, my friend, is because all too often you realize you left an item behind when you start unpacking back at home. Have two packing lists, one for going on your trip and one for coming back home.a

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