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Fogo Island Inn


On the other side of the Hamilton Sound off the coast of Newfoundland is Fogo Island. Fogo Island is a small island, with a population of 2,244 people, with history rooted in that of their English and Irish ancestors. For a long time, fishing was the main industry. Slowly, tourism is solidifying it’s place on Fogo Island as well. Fun fact: the Flat Earth Society considers Fogo Island to be one of the four corners of the earth.

Fogo Island Inn is an architectural beauty to look at. Designed by Newfoundlander Todd Saunders, the 29-room inn sits upon a rocky outcrop right on the coast. Many buildings on Fogo Island are on stilts due to the rocky landscape, and Saunders paid homage to this by placing two levels of guest rooms atop a set of stilts which contributes to the inn’s breathtakingly unique appearance.


With a self-declared seven seasons, there is no wrong time to visit Fogo Island. Spring, Trap Berth, Summer, Berry, Late Fall, Winter, and Pack Ice comprise the year, and there is no shortage of activities even on the coldest of days.

  • Snowmobiling
  • Snowshoeing
  • Art workshops
  • Boat Building
  • Guided Walks
  • Traditional Boil-Up
  • Music Festivals
  • Stargazing
  • Change Islands
  • Ice Skating
  • Caribou Watching
  • Seal Watching
  • Marine Encounters
  • Swimming
  • Geology Hikes
  • Seabird Watching
  • Harbor Rowing
  • Bicycling
  • Museums
  • Berry Picking
  • Hiking

The seven seasons also heavily contribute to your dining experience at the Fogo Island Inn- with the availability of local ingredients constantly changing.

“The Inn’s culinary team uses ingredients dictated by Fogo Island’s still-wild world to create dishes that are grounded in this place. Changing daily and
with our seven seasons, the dining menu reflects the region: perched in the Labrador current, our subarctic landscape is bounded on all sides by the
rich North Atlantic. Ingredients that most often find their way onto guests’ plates are those that are fished, farmed, and foraged right here: scallops
with parsnips and rhubarb jelly, salt cod and shaved turnip, roasted cabbage and bakeapples.”
{Fogo Island Inn}


50 Best, an online resource for top food and drink around the world states the dining experience at Fogo Island Inn as such:

“A rocky outcrop, more suited to seals than humans, is the setting for this destination restaurant, located in the Fogo Island Inn. Look out for
icebergs and sea birds on the horizon as you feast on contemporary plates representing Fogo Island’s subarctic setting in the Labrador Current.
Jonathan Gushue’s menus change daily but are always rooted in what’s fished, farmed and foraged locally. Snow crab imaginatively served with vanilla
and apples sits alongside roast caribou, while in winter you can expect the likes of marinated halibut with bakeapples (also known as cloudberries).”

{The World’s 50 Best]

So, if you find yourself seeking a remote location to thrust yourself into the elements while simultaneously enjoying luxury, Fogo Island Inn is just the place for you. To get a more in-depth view of what your stay could look like, browse through the inn’s website and watch their episode of Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby on Netflix.


Rates starting at $1975 CAD for the 2021 season. Contact Fogo Island Inn here to reserve your stay.

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