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Once a trading hub for the Mayans long, long ago, Tulum has become a hot spot for traveling in the past few years, and for good reason. It has a chill, modern boho vibe, sunny weather, delicious food, a up and coming art scene, and it is easy to get to (for North American’s, at least). One of the gems you can find in Tulum is located right along the coast and is called Azulik. This adult-only resort boasts some of the coolest architecture around- the villas are built out of natural materials and are reminiscent of treehouses. They limit the electricity in the villas, so as to create a place you can relax and get away from it all.


Xel Ha

Xel Ha is a must-do activity when you’re in Tulum. It is essentially a natural water park and is fun as a couple or for the whole fam. Here you can go snorkeling, enjoy a lazy river, swim in a cave, cliff jump, swim in cenotes and more, all while taking in the beauty of the Rivera Maya! A bit further away is their sister park Xcaret- another place for a fun packed day!

Gran Cenote

What is a cenote- you might be asking? It is a pit created by collapsed limestone, and is filled with underground water that has now been exposed. The Gran Cenote is a bit of a tourist spectacle now, and there is an admission fee with the opportunity to rent snorkel equipment as well. There are multiple cenotes at it’s location to enjoy!

Tulum Archaeological Site

Get a taste of history and take in a breathtaking view of one of the most photographic spots in the area. Visit the ruins in Tulum, with these cliffside structures once serving as a fortress on the sea. The adjacent beach is boasted to be one of the prettiest in the area, so bring your swimsuit and take a dip while you’re there.

Chitzen Itza

Considered one of the “new” seven wonders of the world and definitely a tourist hub, Chitzen Itza is a day trip that you should take a chance on if seeing world wonders is your thing, or if you’re a history buff. This ancient city played an important role for the Mayans, and is quite a spectacular site (and sight).

Art With Me

Tulum has a budding art scene, and Art With Me is here to prove it. Art With Me is a festival supporting international and local artists, where they “host a collection of experiences that highlight artistic innovations across a variety of platforms…culinary, visual, cultural and experiential, all to draw attention to the  environmental issues that affect us locally and globally”


Aztec Villa

“Located in the southern area of AZULIK Tulum, they are ideal for travelers who wish to experience the rejuvenating atmosphere of the elements. Their wooden deck is ideal for observing the jungle and the ocean. Their indoor and outdoor living spaces are places for rest and relaxation imbued with the magic of the jungle”.

Jungle Villa

“Located close to the House of Ancestral Medicine, the Mayan Spa and IKAL, our beauty sanctuary, it is equipped with extra-large bed and a wooden terrace with an outdoor tub”.

Mayan Villa

“The Mayan Villas offer a gorgeous view of the jungle that grows around them. Their wooden terrace is perfect for coexisting with nature while enjoying the outdoor hot tub”.

Aqua Villa

“Located in the most private area in AZULIK Tulum, its unforgettable decoration with indoor waterways, bejuco floors, elevated round bed and geometrical mirrors inspires all of its visitors. Take your shoes off and climb onto the resting net that faces the ocean. Explore the path that leads to a private terrace with an artisanal sea-facing hot tub, and lie down to receive the energy that comes from the east over the magnificence of the Caribbean Sea.”

Sea Villa

“Located right where the waves touch the coast, Sea Villas are the perfect spot to build intimate bonds with of nature. Their spectacular closeness and connection with the ocean make them one of the most iconic spots in AZULIK Tulum”.

Sky Villa

“Staying in one of the Sky Villas is an unforgettable experience. Standing gracefully on a cliff that faces the ocean of AZULIK Tulum, they were dreamed up for lovers of the sea who wish to contemplate its infinite beauty.Wake up to the rising sun over the Caribbean Sea, catch the healing power of the ocean wind as you relax on the hanging bed, and watch the stars from your private terrace as they appear to illuminate the night. Located on the second floor of our wooden ocean-front building, these villas are the definition of a getaway in complete communion with nature”.

Moon Villa

“Each one of its levels displays a new magical setting: a dreamlike chamber with an elegant round bed, a spherical sanctuary with translucent walls and a stone waterfall, and a private deck meant for rest while you contemplate the ocean, to name a few.


Kin Toh

Kin Toh is the creme de la creme of restaurants at Azulik. It is hyper fusion- with influence from native dishes and international fare. Ingredients are local and the flavors will amaze your senses.


Like the rest of Azulik’s architectural design- Nest is their treehouse restaurant. Dine above the treetops in your own private nest and sip on a bottle of wine from their expansive collection.


Eater has put together a list of their top picks for restaurants in the area. It includes small local spots and high end restaurants with world class cuisine. Read through to find your next meal in Tulum.

Matcha Mama

This cute roadside matcha and smoothie bar is the perfect place to grab some quick delicious and healthy fuel for your day! Matcha Mama has also got the cutest place to snap a quick instagram, so keep that in mind when you’re going.


Fly into Cancun International Airport. There is also an airport on Cozumel, but that is also an island and it won’t be as straightforward to get to the mainland where Tulum is.


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